Adrian Wright was elected Committeewoman for Chicago's 3rd Ward on March 15, 2016. As committeewoman, she serves her constituents by  appointing Republican election judges, selecting convenient locations for election participation/voting, hosting workshops, attending community events, traveling to Springfield for Republican's Day and Peoria for the GOP convention. She was an Illinois delegate for candidate Ben Carson for President and served on his campaign as a caucus lead in Iowa. After Carson suspended his campaign, Adrian went on to serve as the Illinois Director of Black American Engagement and Outreach for the Trump/Pence Campaign. She was part of the GOTV for Griffith, IN, volunteered for the RNC in Cleveland, OH, was deployed to Hamilton County, OH to assist with canvassing and campaign coordination until the November 2016 election which led to the successful win of the presidency for the Trump/Pence team! After that successful turn of events, Adrian went on to serve as a volunteer for the Presidential Inauguration Committee. She continues to serve the GOP, 3rd Ward and her constituents as a beacon of information, a voice for the silent supporters, and a participant within the Republican Party Community nationwide. Adrian is a member of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women and Vice President of Great Lakes Illinois Republican Women and was a guest attendee at the 2018 RNC Summer Meeting in Austin, Texas and the 2019 North Carolina convention. She currently serves as Campaign Manager for Philanise For Congress for Illinois 1st Congressional District.  She currently serves as the Illinois contact for The Campaign Corner. You can follow her on Twitter @GOP3rd.

She is a small business owner  specializing in media communications/recruitment and workforce training and development. Her professional acumen includes forensic and investigative journalism, campaign management and coordination, alternative dispute resolution and live scan fingerprinting services. 

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