Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I am humbled and appreciative of those of you who voted to retain me as your GOP leader of the beautiful and diverse 3rd Ward of Chicago! I started this election with the confidence that many of you wanted to see balance in the Ward; and although a small number of us have the vision to see down the road, together we can make our presence in the Ward viable by participating in events that I, as your committeewoman will be initiating over the next four years!

Join me in helping to bring change by applying as an election judge, joining the 3rd Ward Republican Organization , and by making contribution to my campaign; FRIENDS OF ADRIAN J. WRIGHT. You can send your donations to our PayPal account at

Your support is necessary to keep the wheels of change in motion and to bring programs to the Ward that YOU can participate. And don't forget to use the
Contact Us page to invite the Elephant in the Ward to your event, send a comment or just to say hello!

I look forward to serving as you committeewoman!

Best regards,

Adrian J. Wright

Adrian J. Wright